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Real Wedding Inspiration: Meg + Ronnier – Wedding Shoppe


See all the beautiful and romantic details from a recent Wedding Shoppe couple, Meg + Ronnier! We hope you love all their gorgeous wedding photos as much as we do!

Meg and Ronnier’s wedding day was as special as they come. Meg began the day as most brides do, with her beloved bridesmaids. The bridal party wore matching floral robes as they got ready for Meg’s special day. With a flower crown on her head, Meg got dressed in her form-fitting, lace gown from Wedding Shoppe. The bridal gown was high-necked, yet see-through to allow for the lace detail to be noticed. Meg wore her hair up to accent her flower crown and the back of her lace dress. Her mother buttoned up the back of her dress and loved helping Meg get ready to marry her prince charming.

Meg and Ronnier’s first look was definitely one for the books! After Ronnier’s first wedding surprise they had an extra special “second-first look”. For their “first reveal,” Meg walked down a set of stairs to meet Ronnier. He turned around and hugged his bride, embracing her and showing how excited he was to marry the woman of his dreams.

Meg’s bridal bouquet was filled with unique flowers of white, pink and red. Greenery was incorporated to add another dimension to the arrangement and accent her white lace dress and crown of greenery.

The bridal party posed for pictures, both smiling and candid. Meg and Ronnier loved including their closest loved ones into the most special day of their life. Meg’s bridesmaids all wore floor-length dresses that were varying shades of pink. They all got to choose a dress that aligned with their personal style, while still creating a put-together ensemble for Meg’s bridal party. All of the different dresses added dimension to the color palette and personality to the bridal party.

Meg and Ronnier’s church ceremony was so special for them. All of their friends and family were present, and the atmosphere was decorated so romantic. Meg walked down the aisle and heads turned. With her veil covering her and a beautiful bridal bouquet in hand, she floated down the aisle to meet her future husband.

After they were announced man and wife, all of Meg and Ronnier’s guests waved ribbons as they walked down the aisle as newlyweds.

Small details came together to create such a memorable and enchanting wedding day for Meg and Ronnier. Their reception area was magical. There were crystal chandeliers, silver chairs, and details on the tables that were above and beyond a dream wedding.

Floral arrangements of white and pink were on each table and resembled the color scheme of Meg and Ronnier’s wedding. The bridal party’s table was decorated with lots of greenery that made it stand out and appear beautiful. The newlywed’s entire day was a celebration, and was their design was carried out flawlessly.

We loved being able to see the touching and beautiful details of Meg + Ronnier’s wedding, and wish them all the joy and happiness in married life!

Special thanks to these awesome vendors: Whims and Joy Photography, Leopold’s Mississippi Gardens, and Primped!


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