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10 New Years Wedding Ideas – Rustic Wedding Chic


Now that it is New Year’s Eve we thought it was the perfect time to showoff our top 10 favorite New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas. From fun photobooths to confetti and champagne we rounded up what we think will be 10 unforgettable New Year’s Eve wedding ideas to add to your New Year’s Eve wedding. Want even more ideas for a New Year’s Eve wedding – head over to our Pinterest board now.

From the toast at dinner till the party at midnight, having a signature New Year’s Eve inspired drink a good and festive way to keep the party going.

source: Her Campus

New Year’s Eve is a night full of glitter and sparkle, send your bride and groom off with even more sparkle to make their exist special.

Photo booths are very popular at a wedding, capture the amazing memories by adding some fun New Years’ Eve props to make all your photos sparkle.  

Gold is New Years Eve’s statement color. Paint all your balloons gold to give your wedding that perfect New Years Eve feeling that you are dreaming of.

source: Happy Wedd

Make sure your guests don’t leave empty handed. A small bottle of champagne covered in glitter is a perfect way to send your guests off in the New Year’s spirit.

Toss some confetti when the clock strikes midnight, it is a festive and fun way to celebrate the new year no matter what age you are.

Use a festive party horn to make a DIY boutonnière for your groomsmen, a cute way for the guys to feel festive.

Counting down the minutes till the new year? Enjoying a tasty clock inspired cookies is a perfect way to make the time go by faster.

Getting a kiss at midnight on New Years Eve is something every girl dreams of, heres a way to make sure everyone gets a kiss and something sweet on this special night.

source: Craftionary.net

Everyone needs to start their new year out right with making a New Years resolution, put a resolution on each table to give your guests a creative idea or be able to add to their list of their own.


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